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Flexible pricing options based on your storage needs. Starting from just $1.5 per month for 0-5GB storage.

SimploCloud: Easy and Efficient Web Hosting for All

Robust, user-friendly hosting solutions for individuals and businesses. Create, manage, and deploy your websites with ease.

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Efficient, User-friendly, Reliable

SimploCloud Managed Hosting is your ultimate solution for website management. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose our platform

Start your journey with SimploCloud by simply signing up with your email and creating a password.

Easy Staging Site Creation

Test your ideas safely. Create staging sites, manage your database and FTP credentials, and get file manager access to your website.

Seamless Live Site Deployment

Transition from staging to live environment effortlessly. Add a custom domain, display server IP for DNS A record configuration, and pull files and database from staging to the live site.

Reliable Support Center

Get assistance anytime, anywhere. Our dedicated support center at is always ready to help you.